Marble, Metallics and Geometrics


As a natural stone marble offers a classic, yet highly sophisticated theme to any wedding. Coupled with the chic of metallics like rose gold and copper this trend is guaranteed to be turning heads. When you add geometrics to the equation, not only do you have a classy marble touch with the richness of metallics, you also have a fiercely modern finish.

The Effect of Marble

Marble is iconic for the effect created when two materials are swirled together. How symbolic is that for a wedding? The thing that makes the marble trend so exceptional is that it is not limited to the actual material, but more so to the concept of marbling. So you can freely add elements of marble to your wedding such as stationery, cake and décor.

Rich Metallics

To avoid a certain risk of dullness, metallics such as rose and yellow gold and copper have been no stranger to wedding trends over the last few years. As a diamond ring on a bride's finger, the combination of soft and shiny is the perfect juxtaposition. 

There is no doubt it takes marble to the next level of ultra chic and adds an undeniable, yet completely understated luxury to any wedding. 


The most balanced of styles however is only completed by a shape and geometric shapes has always been considered the most highly contemporary. 

And when I say "geometric", it is really just a fancy name for hexagon. A 6-side shape that is balanced and sexy. 

When you add the edginess of a contemporary style like geometric shapes to a luxuriously chic metallics and combine it with a natural and classic marbling, you are guaranteed the most impactful, elegant and memorable wedding. 

My only advice would be to use all in moderation. The combination of the 3 elements is so bold that does not need shouting of any kind. 

Evidence To Proof The Theory

Not sold yet? Here's some of my favourite executions where marble, metallics and geometrics were combined. 

Cakes and Confectionery

Everything from cookies to show-stopper cakes. 

  Lora Grady Photography

Photo by: Lora Grady \\ Product by: Custom Baked Cakes 

Product by: Honeybellshop \\ Photo by: @beckerworksltd

Marble and Gold Wedding Favor Cookies

Photo by: Gorbin Gurkin \\ Product by: Rose Cakes

Tables and Decor

Marbled tables and crockery...

Instagram: @leka_nedvizh_decor \\ Planer: \\ Decor: @leka_nedvizh \\ Photo by: @elenapavlovaphoto


Personalised coasters, escort cards, name placings...

Product by: Momentous Little Things


Product by: Fuchsia Fine Event Stationery


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